Structural Steel
Serving the El Paso Southwest for over 100 years

Structural Steel Fabrication

Since opening in 1920, KASCO has grown to become one of leading structural steel fabricators in the southwest. We continue to innovate and implement the latest technologies to deliver the highest quality product in a shorter time. With our CNC structural beam line, we are able to fabricate your steel with extreme precision and execute on delivery. Also, we are able to coordinate with any BIM (Building Information Modeling) needs you may have through our model based detailing.


Learn how Kasco Structure’s extensive experience and proven success can be an asset to you and your team.

Balloon Museum

Structural Steel Fabrication, Albuquerque, N.M.

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ABQ Balloon Museum
Paso Del Norte Bridge Canopys

Structural Steel Fabrication, Erection and Installation of Standing Seam Roof Panels
Paso Del Norte Bridge
Franklin High School - El Paso ISD

Standing Seam Roof Panel Instalation
Franklin High School
"Aguacero" - Sebastian, Mexico City Artist

"Cloudburst" steel erection of sculpture
Paso del Norte Port of Entry International Bridge

University Medical Center - El Paso

East and West El Paso Clinics

Structural Steel + Commercial Roofing
Chapin High School

El Paso ISD, Standing Seam Roof Installation
Nazarene Hall

Sisters of Lorreto - Copper Standing Seam Roof, Customize Copper Patina Finish

Building Structural Steel Fabrication - Featuring 3-D Design Capability
Texas Towers

Interstate 10-Patriot Freeway Interchange

Corten Steel Fabrication, Patina, Structural Steel
UTEP Towers